Downloadable Reports

The following reports are regular Excel file that you can download freely and update using XLGL or XLGL Horizon.

More advanced reports are available for purchases or you can request custom report that will be created for you by our reporting specialists.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Sales by Province XLSX35.92 KB09 Oct, 2012 Download
Balance Sheet (side by side) XLSX24.88 KB09 Oct, 2012 Download
Payable & Receivable Projects summary with Budget XLSX20.14 KB14 Sep, 2012 Download
Deductions at Source (English) XLTX38.84 KB12 Sep, 2012 Download
Pending Sales Orders (English) XLSX27.11 KB12 Sep, 2012 Download
Summary Sales By Salesperson (English) XLSX28.46 KB04 Sep, 2012 Download
Available Inventory (English) XLSX30.13 KB03 Sep, 2012 Download