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Every business, big or small, requires proper reporting to clearly see where it stands and what decisions need to be made to progress. On the other hand, not all have the means to put in place the reporting they need for their particular situation.

XLGL Horizon reduces reporting costs for small and medium businesses by providing an affordable  solution that everyone can use.

Why Choose

The information you need

Logicim XLGL includes over 35 ready to use reports. These reports can be modified to suit your needs by our support team or by using Logicim XLGL.

What you need, now

The dynamic engine behind Logicim XLGL Horizon updates data right on the spreadsheet so fast you might not notice it. Because Logicim XLGL Horizon uses the familiar Excel calculation engine, all data is brought in using regular Excel formulae that are rapidly recalculated.

Now and whenever

Logicim XLGL reports are just regular Excel workbooks that you can save and share with no addtional concerns. You can use template or regular files, old format or new format. Logicim XLGL Horizon does not impose a process on the way you organized your files.

New users are not alone

With its outstanding customer support, Logicim will help you get started with XLGL Horizon, solve any specific difficulties you may have and let you enjoy the results. Videos, documentation, webinars and online classes will support your effort to get job done, whether you just need one report or wish to become an expert.

Let us build it for you

Here at Logicim, we have built hundreds of reports for our clients, following their specifications while providing unbelievable value at a low price. Our team of experts will get you the report you need in no time; you can then update it at will.

Where to go from here

Download the trial

You can download a full-featured 30-day trial of Logicim XLGL and contact our support team for any specific question you have during the trial period.

There are no activation code or complex processes. Just sign-up for a free account, download and install.

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Get anwers

Technical questions: support@logicimtech.com
Sales information: sales@logicimtech.com

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